Engage Community Church

The Locker Room Speech

Engage this message on September 1, 2019

One phrase commonly used by Christians is, “that person really needs Jesus.” Too often, the motivation for that phrase is either judgement or a desire for that person to be less of a burden. Those motivations steal the power from sharing faith with others. In this message, we discover that people listen best when we let love lead.

The Ground Game

Engage this message on August 25, 2019

Peter was the first to call Jesus the Messiah. He was the only person besides Jesus who has walked on water. He became the first leader of the church, and without him, we probably would not be worshipping together today. Yet, we sometimes forget that Peter’s first step began with an invite. In this message, we discover that an invite can change a life.

Scoreboard, Baby

This message was shared on August 18, 2019

At the end of the game, it doesn’t matter who had more yards, who had more first-downs, or who had more sacks. All of those statistics are important, but ultimately, the only thing that matters is the ending score.

In the same way, there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of our belief systems, but if they do not lead people into the kingdom of God, we lose the game. The reason Christians need to share their faith in Christ is because salvation is not intuitive. People need to know that Jesus is the only way to enter the kingdom.

Our House

This message was shared on August 11, 2019

When an opposing team comes to play, the home team often tries to inspire their players by declaring that this is “Our House!”

God’s plan is so much bigger than giving us a prescription for the sin in our lives. Jesus did not come just to redeem humans, but to redeem all creation. In this message, we outline the over-arching story of God’s plan from creation, to fall, redemption, and recreation, and point out that the church is the only means by which God will accomplish His it.

Give It

This message was shared on August 4, 2019

Usually, the only time we consult God about money is when we are drastically short of it. Somehow, we do not see that what we are doing is asking the one we have put last in our financial picture to rescue us from financial ruin. That doesn't make sense, does it? This is why it is so important to prioritize our giving over all the other areas of our finances.

Spend It

This message was shared on July 21, 2019

Everyone has a system for determining the most important uses for their money. For some, it is whatever is due next. For others, it is whatever they want most. But for most of us, some of our spending habits make us feel guilty, trapped, or out-of-control. In this message, we find out a way of thinking about our spending that helps us enjoy what God has given.

Priorities Plan

Mind It

This message was shared on July 7, 2019

Everyone wants God’s blessing in the financial arena, but very few are willing to do what God actually instructs. In this message, we discover that when we refuse to invite God into our finances, we risk pushing Him out of our lives.

Quit Claim Deed

Outside the Lines

This message was shared on June 30, 2019

Every family faces the risk of being torn apart. But family is not the reason for family. God has a purpose for your family, and when you orient your household around this one reason, it makes your family stronger than ever.


This message was shared on June 23, 2019

There is no step-by-step manual on how to keep your home from being torn apart. Not one of us can predict the future, and many homes that look impervious to attack often suffer the worst. However, there is one practice we can institute in our homes that keep our families focused on unity.

Fathers are Family, Too!

This message was shared on June 16, 2019

Too often, instead of honoring Dads on Father's Day, they get reminded about how they fall short. At Engage Community Church, we believe that strong households create a culture of honor.