God reveals Himself through His Word

God is much too awesome and too immense for human beings to comprehend on our own. But God has revealed Himself through His written word (the Bible) and through the Living Word, His son, Jesus Christ. We hold fast to these beliefs about God: There is one and only one God. God expresses Himself in […]

God created us for relationship

God is not just some cosmic clockmaker who wound up creation and is watching it spin out to its ultimate end. Instead, He is a loving God who directly participates in the affairs of nations, and individuals. He desires to have an intimate relationship with every human being, including you. PS. 68:5; ISA. 64:8; MATT. […]

God is required (because humanity is ruined)

Even though God wants to have a relationship with each man and woman, every person in history has rejected that relationship and embraced sin instead of God’s holy ways. Further, humanity has inherited a nature (from the first man, Adam) that is set against God. Because of this nature and our deeds, every man and […]

God has reconciled us through Jesus Christ

It is God’s desire that every man and woman come to know Him completely and fully. Therefore, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die in payment for the sin that separates us from Him. His forgiveness through Christ is offered and freely given to all who choose to accept it. His sacrifice is […]

God remakes us through the Holy Spirit

Because all men and women throughout history have been born with a disposition to sin, the very nature of each must be changed. God transforms the very nature of those who accept His sacrifice into one that desires to please Him. The Holy Spirit lives within and convicts, guides, teaches, and counsels every believer towards […]

God reaches out through His church

The church is not a building; it is all the people who have by faith accepted God’s forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The church is God’s designated environment for blessing, equipping, and ministry to the world. Every believer is a crucial part of God’s plan for humanity and God has placed him or […]