It is not about us; it is all about God. None of our pursuits in life lead to fulfillment if they lead away from God Himself. We strive to be a church that celebrates and makes known the greatness of God through authentic love, gratitude, praise, and obedience.


None of us has arrived, yet. There are no perfect people in our church. We embrace people wherever they are on their spiritual journey, point them to Jesus as the source of an extraordinary life, and call them to commit their lives to following Him.


We cannot do life alone. God created us for community and that is where we grow best. After baptism, our highest priority is to help people join and participate in a LifeGroup where they experience acceptance, authenticity, accountability, and challenge, and care.


We are a church of many tribes, but one Kingdom. Our unity exposes Christ’s divinity more than anything else. Because God’s throne-room is filled with people from every tribe, nation, and tongue, our church embraces cultural and ethnic diversity.


Saved people serve people and we cannot out-give God. Since we are co-inheritors of the family business (God’s Kingdom), we joyfully invest our time, talent, and treasure in supporting God’s work here on Earth. We help people discover their gifts and use them to enhance the Kingdom.


Found people find people. We are convinced that each one of us has been placed within 8 to 15 relationships for the express purpose of telling them about Jesus. We take the message to the next person and the next neighborhood until we run out of places to take it.