Saved people serve people and we cannot out-give God. Since we are co-inheritors of the family business (God’s Kingdom), we joyfully invest our time, talent, and treasure in supporting God’s work here on Earth. We help people discover their gifts and use them to enhance the Kingdom.


Found people find people. We are convinced that each one of us has been placed within 8 to 15 relationships for the express purpose of telling them about Jesus. We take the message to the next person and the next neighborhood until we run out of places to take it.

The Beginning

In 2004 Pastor Bryon was touring Israel when he had a life-defining moment by the pools of Bethesda. While his group was taking a break for lunch, they were joined by two other tour groups, one from Nigeria and another from South Korea. He was struck by the reality that people from around the world—people […]

Maturing in Ministry

Not long after that experience, Bryon became the pastor of Living Hope, in Lakeside, CA. After leading that church for ten years, he led the congregation through a merge with a local, thriving church plant: Seven Church. The combination of the maturity of Living Hope and the energy and DNA of Seven created a synergy […]

The Ministry Multiplies

In 2016, the merge with Seven was secure, and God released Pastor Bryon to pursue the next step in the vision that had been revealed twelve years earlier. Bryon began praying about where God wanted him next, and the community of Lemon Grove came to the forefront. Engage is the synthesis of Pastor Bryon’s vision, […]