Messages from 2019

Newer Messages Upside Down Christmas Every year we say, “This Christmas is going to be different,” but then we fall back into the same seasonal pattern: worrying about getting everything done, battling for all the best deals, running up the credit card, and making sure we fulfill all the holiday obligations. The good news is […]

Messages from 2018

Newer Messages Unto Us Christmas is a time of gift-giving and receiving. It is a time of joy, hope, peace, and love. It is also a time of tension, busyness, worry, and annoyance. In the midst of all the to-do’s of Christmas, it is easy to neglect the reality that it is about God’s greatest […]


The New Normal These last several weeks have arguably been the most unsettling of most of our lifetimes. This season has required us to make adjustments to the way we live more than anything we have ever encountered. Because of that, many of us can’t wait for things to get back to normal. But the […]