Generosity Sunday
December 8th, 10am

$5,500 of $27,500 Raised so far!20%

In School Year 2018/19, there were...

Free meals served to
students for an average of
dollars per student, totaling
dollars in general fund money

Every year, hundreds of students receive hot meals from Lemon Grove school district cafeterias, and while most households pay for them, some just cannot. Therefore, at the end of the school year, the district has to make up the difference using money from the general fund. That means the district has to say, “no” to curriculum, programs, and personnel that could benefit students at a higher level. So, this year on Generosity Sunday (December 8th), Engage Community Church is giving its entire offering to the Lemon Grove School district.

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December 8th, 10am

Join Engage Community Church for worship on Generosity Sunday. We are will be in the middle of our series, Upside Down Christmas. Worship with us. Celebrate with us. Give with us.

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