Engage Community Church

Indefinite to Indisputable

This message was shared on May 5, 2019

Your salvation was freely given to you. There is nothing you did to earn it, there is nothing special about you that merits it. Your salvation is nothing more than the expression of God’s love for you. Find out how it is impossible to out-sin God's grace.

Isolated to Included

This message was shared on April 28, 2019

God created His children to be connected to each other in spirit and purpose. The reason we are different is so that we can all fulfill the needs of someone else in our community. When we cut ourselves off from community, we rob ourselves of God’s touch and rob the body of our own gifts.

Impossible to Incredible

This message was shared on April 21, 2019

The greatest truth about the miracle of Easter is that, through the resurrection, Jesus made a way for us to connect to God that was impossible for us to do on our own. Because Jesus rose from the grave, those who should be rejected are embraced by God.