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Give It

This message was shared on August 4, 2019

Usually, the only time we consult God about money is when we are drastically short of it. Somehow, we do not see that what we are doing is asking the one we have put last in our financial picture to rescue us from financial ruin. That doesn't make sense, does it? This is why it is so important to prioritize our giving over all the other areas of our finances.

Keep It

This message was shared on July 28, 2019

The average American household spends 105% of its annual income. This sounds nuts, but it is true! In a consumer society, we are conditioned to spend, spend, spend. In this message, we discover why and how to make saving our money a priority.

Debt Relief Plan

Spend It

This message was shared on July 21, 2019

Everyone has a system for determining the most important uses for their money. For some, it is whatever is due next. For others, it is whatever they want most. But for most of us, some of our spending habits make us feel guilty, trapped, or out-of-control. In this message, we find out a way of thinking about our spending that helps us enjoy what God has given.

Priorities Plan

Make It

This message was shared on July 14, 2019

So often, we are most concerned with what we do with what we have. But the Bible is full of wisdom about how we earn our income. In this message, we discover that God has given us both abilities to be used at their fullest potential, and responsibilities to be fulfilled to our best ability.

Mind It

This message was shared on July 7, 2019

Everyone wants God’s blessing in the financial arena, but very few are willing to do what God actually instructs. In this message, we discover that when we refuse to invite God into our finances, we risk pushing Him out of our lives.

Quit Claim Deed