Engage Community Church

The New Normal-Part 7: Keeping your footing

This message was shared on June 7, 2020

The key to thriving in the middle of chaos is learning the difference between the things we can and cannot control. In this message, we zero in on Jesus' instructions about how to stay strong when chaos seeks to destroy everything around us.

The New Normal-Part 6: Making isolation work

This message was shared on May 31, 2020

Isolate in place might be inconvenient, but have you considered that this is exactly what God wants for you right now? The truth is, the Bible is full of examples of how God worked in and through people who were experiencing isolation. In this message, we discover how you can make the most of forced timeouts.

The New Normal-Part 5: Change of course or course correction?

This message was shared on May 24, 2020

Family dinners. Increased prayer. Re-centering our attention on the most important people in our lives. Sometimes, radical changes forces us to recognize that the most important things in this life are right in front of us. In this message, Pastors Tim and Molly McCormick talk about maintaining biblical family in times of trouble.

The New Normal-Part 4: Blessed disruption

This message was shared on May 17, 2020

Why is this happening? When will it stop? How should I respond? These (and many others) are common questions we ask when our world gets rocked. But there is one question that clarifies all the others when we learn to ask it first.

The New Normal-Part 3: Keep your chin up

This message was shared on May 10, 2020

One of the biggest dangers of times like ours is to develop the mindset that the way it is now is the way it will always be. When we think this way, we doom ourselves to live in continual survival mode. In this message, we discover a mindset that keeps us looking to something greater, no matter how things look right now.

The New Normal-Part 2: The stick in the mud

This message was shared on May 3, 2020

Change is risky. Change is uncomfortable. Change is hard to control. There are several reasons we don’t like change. However, when the world changes around us, it often forces us to change things that we already knew needed changing. In this message, we look at four areas of change that God might be calling you toward during these times of change.

The New Normal-Part 1: Unshaken

This message was shared on April 26, 2020

“I just didn’t see it coming!” We’ve all said that at one time or another. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us, and every time it does, our stability is shaken. But the key to security is not to find ways to stabilize the world, but to center ourselves upon an unchanging God.