Engage Community Church

Love over Limits

This message was shared on December 22, 2019

Through Jesus, God sent a Jewish Messiah to a Jewish people to proclaim salvation for the entire world. Since His love extends to all, so should ours.

Presence over Presents

This message was shared on December 15, 2019

The paradox of the Christmas season is that we are so concerned with getting presents that we often have a hard time being present. What if we made a conscious decision to spend less, but be more sensitive to what we give and why?

Generosity over Gratification

This message was shared on December 8, 2019

The wise men instinctively knew that giving is one major way we worship. Like them, God gives us opportunities and reasons to give. Unlike them, we do not have a “baby Jesus” to give to. In this message, we find out that giving to “the least of these” is how we give to Jesus.

Worship Over Wallow

This message was shared on December 1, 2019

Not everyone approaches Christmas with joy and expectation. For some of us, Christmas is mostly a reminder of how lonely, broken, and forgotten we are. Our natural inclination is to hide and wait the season out. In this message, we look at how Christmas came to some of the most forgotten people in society, and how it turned wallowing into worship.