The Engage Team

Bryon Scott

Lead Pastor

Pastor Bryon grew up in San Diego county in a non-Christian household. He met the love of his life, JoAnn, in his senior year of high school, and they married in 1984. Around the age of 30, he had a life-changing encounter with Christ, which eventually led to him pursuing vocational ministry.

Pastor Bryon has been in ministry since 1998; serving in a full-time capacity since 2005. His first full-time position was at Living Hope (formerly Lakeside Wesleyan Church), where he served as lead pastor for almost ten years. In 2015, Pastor Bryon facilitated a merge with Seven Church, where he became a staff-pastor. In October 2016, Pastor Bryon left Seven to plant Engage Community Church.

Pastor Bryon loves all things geek, his wonderful wife, and his two daughters (and their families), Marika and Amanda. Bryon's passion is to help people hear what God says so they can do what God wants.

Marika Wesolowski


Marika grew up in San Diego County. She was raised in a Christian household but didn't truly start following Christ until her early twenties. She is married to an amazing man, Josh Wesolowski and they have two, soon-to-be three, boys. Marika serves in administration and hospitality for Engage Community Church.

Sam Hornedo


I am the Engage Community Church Worship leader. Along with my talented team, I strive to bring those attending our Sunday messages in to God's throne room.

Mike Canaris

Engage Kids

I attended Living Hope Church with Bryon Scott as the head pastor. With the Lord's guidance, I became a part of Bryon's church planting vision and launch team. I currently serve in in the children's ministry and wherever and whenever needed in other areas.

Molly Alegria

Engage Kids

Hi my name is Molly Alegria. I have a passion for teaching children and making church be a fun safe environment for them. I grew up in a big family that welcomed everyone from all walks of life and I continue that though our children's ministry. My husband and I team up to try and make what the parents learn in service be what the children learn so the whole family can grow together in Christ. I am also starting up a mother's home group on Thursdays in Lakeside

Andrew Alegria

Engage Kids

My name is Andrew Alegria and I serve as a Children's ministry teacher with my wife Molly. I write a portion of the lessons and some of the songs we sing in children's worship. I love serving in the children's ministry partially because it enriches my life to bring my full effort to teach the word of God to our youth. God has forever affected me through our children that I look forward to the days I get to serve.

Josh Wesolowski


I am head of the technical team and work hard, along with my team, to assure the presentation of God's word in audio and visual format, enjoyable useful.

Ron Scott

Guest Services

Around 1985, Ron asked Christ to help him with his battle with addiction. His life was spiraling out of control, and he was losing the only thing that mattered to him, his wife and family. That is all now almost forgotten history, Ron has regained his place in the family, and does not let a day go by without thanking his Lord and Savior for choosing him. Ron is Pastor Bryon's father and member of Engage Community Church. He joyfully spends Sundays as a "jack of all trades, but master of none".

Janis Scott

Guest Services

Jan has been a follower of Jesus Christ since childhood, but had put him in the background of her life until she knew she couldn't resist his message. She is part of the hospitality team and her goal is to welcome everyone who visits Engage Community Church and to make them as comfortable as possible.

Loretta Scott

Guest Services

Loretta grew up going to Sunday school, during High School attended Youth for Christ meetings and at 16 became a founding member of a new church in Spring Valley. She turned away from God as an adult, but found Him again through a prison ministry called, Kairos Outside, of which she has been an active member since 2001. She currently serves as an admin assistant, and on the hospitality, children’s ministry, and prayer teams.